December 19 2014, updated 10:01pm

No suspects in murder

Police have no formal suspects for the deaths of eight children whose bodies have been found in a Cairns home.

100 and dancing on table tops

Eileen Smeaton's jaw dropped when she saw the special guests on hand for her 100th birthday bash.

Trapped under trailer

A pregnant woman survived a horrifying ordeal when she was dragged 20 metres by a car trailer.

Perry appears from prism

13 min ago Katy Perry kicks off NZ leg of her Prismatic World Tour in Auckland, appearing from a giant prism.

Corrections officer stood down

Police search two addresses after allegations from murderer Phillip Smith that a Corrections officer aided prison escape.

Christmas Day weather: getting warmer

Whisper it softly - forecasters are now predicting a hot, sunny Christmas Day.

Cop hurt in hit and run

Police are looking for a Napier Black Power member after a hit-and-run saw a police officer taken to hospital.

Charges over 'disturbingly realistic' fake guns

A teenager holding a "disturbingly realistic" replica gun sparked a full armed police call-out on Auckland's North Shore this morning.

Assault-accused teen's tears in court

Cats in the freezer

Serial sex predator exposed

To his family Arthur Samuel Roy Senior was a likeable rogue, but for three decades he preyed on vulnerable teenage girls.

Aus drops 100 bombs in Iraq

Australian combat aircraft operating over Iraq have dropped more than 100 bombs, each striking an Islamic State target.

Gunman's bizarre letter to Queen

After he received a 'polite signed letter' from Buckingham Palace, Man Haron Monis fired off a missive to Barack Obama.

Media advisor in kidnapping claims

2014 in photos

Siege hostage's one good news

The good news that a siege hostage's unborn baby is healthy comes with the heartache of knowing her closest friend won't be by her side.

Auckland property market gains expected

Property investors say low interest rates and demand from foreign investors and migrants will keep the market strong.

Connor approved for Acurity takeover

The private hospital firm gains clearance to takeover listed company Acurity.

Chorus plays down court claims

Macca's beefing up burger image

Budget blowout for SkyCity centre

Estimated costs of SkyCity's controversial conference centre in Akld blow out by up to $128m.

UK pension ‘press-gang’ warning

Financial Markets Authority is monitoring potentially misleading advertising about British pension scheme funds.

Reverend jailed for tax evasion

IRD says Auckland man ignored offers of help over $1 million owed in tax.

More Aucklanders can't afford heating

Cure your Xmas spending hangover

How to sell more online in 2015

Eight key dos and don'ts for small businesses to keep the virtual tills ringing.

The female funding fiasco

Women are often seen by lenders as 'fly-by' rather than serious business owners.

Kiwi tequila captures local spirit

Franchisee fed up

'It's okay to be ambitious'

Silicon Valley's biggest brains think Kiwi entrepreneurs are quickly catching up to them.

Dutch watchdog eyes Facebook

Netherlands says Facebook's revamped privacy policy, due to take effect January 1, should be delayed.

Hack linked to North Korea

Patch downloads full game

Making Kickstarter pick you

Crowdfunders on the hunt for that elusive email: Someone on the Kickstarter team loves your project.

The week's best & worst dressed

Rita Ora wears a full-body scrunchie, pubic pom poms are a thing and Kim K wraps herself in mesh.

An honest Christmas medley

'And the 12 worst things that happened this year...'

What Jen-An wants for Xmas

Introducing Kathy & Mike

Otago lads do the Sugar Plum

... and how elegant they are when pirouetting.

Win holiday goodies!

A basketball signed by The Breakers, an Adidas micoach running watch and more....

Top 10 wellbeing stories of 2014

Real Kiwis battling, bodybuilders, depression: these are the stories that struck a chord with you this year.

Watch: Benji the pygmy goat

Someone to watch over me?

Fellow man over marathon

He was so close to the finish line, but he gave that up to save a stranger's life while others ran on.

Tips for a fuss-free Xmas table

When it comes to setting the table this Christmas, keep it simple and keep it Kiwi.

Fancy owning an island?

If you have a spare $40 mill that dream could be a reality - Auckland's Pakatoa Island is back up for sale.

House of the week: Mt Eden

Rap star's mansion expansion

Seven Italian castles for sale

Always fancied yourself as a bit of a king or queen? You can live the dream - if you have a spare $10m.

Perfecting the summer salad

Salads can be intimidating because of the number of choices. Here's how to make a great summer salad.

Single malt or a blend?

It's the subject of much snobbery and name-calling among whisky drinkers. But is one truly better than the other?

Foods we will be eating in 2015

Real wine ice-cream is finally happening

Picked on feeling starting

Kiwi farmers are uneasy about a $40,000 fine handed out to a farming couple for not wearing helmets while riding quad bikes.

Quad bike sales horrify

Top doctor "filled with horror" at online stores selling quad bikes for children as young as four.

Poachers fined $1100

$88m Lochinver deal

Guess which superstar this is

Using the '#tbt' hashtag, celebrities share some great moments from their childhood or early careers.

Jolie labelled 'seriously out of her mind'

More embarrassing emails leak as the White House tries to take control of the situation, but in the meantime the internet leaks controversial assassination scene.

How Noel Gallagher embarrasses his daughter

Prince Harry turns paparazzo

Top 10 celebrity moments of 2014

Stolen photos, major weddings and Twitter beef. It's been a rollercoaster year for celebrity news.

Wellington wins again

Wellington continues its reign as one of the world’s most desirable travel stops with a spot in Rough Guides Top 10 cities for 2015.

Departure cards could go digital

Rooting around for a pen and filling out a departure card is one of travel's minor irritations. But it may soon be farewelled.

Top travel photos of the week

Etihad gets A380, complete with suite

Mid-air brawl over crying baby

Chinese women end up in midair brawl after a baby cried and seats were reclined.

Top five reader comments

DONUT It seems we're not alone in choosing to ignore whether comfort foods are actually comforting.

'Addicted' to work exchange

After an amazing time in the Irish countryside, Leon Billows was hooked on a different type of travel.

Pup's Christmas bear look

Pets dressed for Christmas

Finally, a sign of summer

After a dodgy start to summer for most of us, Lianne Smith's sunset shot gives us hope of warmer climes.

Honda NSX confirmed

A new NSX is coming.

Infiniti's virtual sports car

Godzilla has a new enemy, and it comes from within its own ranks.

$38.7b for roads, public transport

Glorious grunt farewelled

'Turck' an online hit

A spelling-challenged farmer selling his "turck" on Trade Me had to defend himself from a swarm of commenters when his auction went viral.

Carter shines as Breakers win

Rhys Carter the game-winner for the Breakers against the Crocs on the North Shore.

Williams reflects on Botha bout

All Black star accepts he must take the criticism, suspicion and ridicule on the chin after controversial Frans Botha bout.

Dalton Bromac smashes record

Magic Johnson wins Golden Boot

Smith leads by example

Steve Smith scored a controlled 133 as Australia took control of the second test with India.

How Kim became the target

A few weeks ago, when a freshly stoned Seth Rogen sat down for an interview about The Interview, the likelihood of trouble seemed remote.

Black faces reign supreme

Champion sheep breeder Penni Loffhagen likes what she looks at.

Paradise as usual in Phuket

Tourists shunned Thailand for a year after the 2004 tsunami, but that didn't stop them returning in droves.

Nothing much, something special

Four Shakespeare lovers have modernised one of the Bard's most famous stories into a teenage web series.

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Greer Berry

Do babies need gifts?

A number of people have asked what we're getting our little guy for Christmas and up until recently, I hadn't thought about it at all.


Ashlee Simpson pregnant

Ashlee Simpson is expecting a child with husband Evan Ross.


Grieving at Christmas

This will be Rachel Nobel's third Christmas without her son Hamish, who died in a tragic accident at home aged just 20 months.

Pregnancy test

Best way to conceive?

If you're trying to get pregnant there are some lifestyle choices that could improve your odds.

A bad moon rising

When Shayla Gibbons left NZ her OE, she never thought she'd end up in a Thai clinic, fearing for her friend's lives.

Kiwis are Christmas Scrooges

Kiwis are a bunch of Scrooges with 50 per cent wanting to leave family members behind this Christmas.

A different life

Avi Duckorjones left his comfortable apartment in Manhattan for deepest darkest Africa.

Land of the rising sun

Matt Curd swapped Christchurch for a new life teaching English in Japan.

Duo sucked coins from car wash

Police hunting pair who used their own vacuum cleaner to suck coins from car wash machines.

'Gay marriage caused quake'

Right-wing fringe group outlandishly blames gay marriage for "destruction" of a New Zealand city.

Debauched Santas hire lawyer

After backlash, NYC pub crawl involving hordes of drunk Santas get lesson on their civil rights.

Camera thief films himself

It's not exactly a mugshot, but many people have already convicted this man of being a mug.

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