October 23 2014, updated 4:10pm


Santa saved from the sack

All of Santa's Christmases come at once and he'll reign over Auckland's Queen St once more.

Maddie man's charges

4:10pm British paedophile connected to the Madeleine McCann case was facing three charges of indecent assault in NZ.

Is this Canada's shooter?

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, once called "high-risk traveller", believed to be behind Ottawa attack. | Attacks 'despicable' | NZ security tightened | A soldier, a dad

Wife admits husband hit

Man found dead and wrapped in plastic in Bali was trying to extract himself from his marriage.

Century in 39 balls for Ryder

3:31pm Destructive left-hander goes ballistic for Otago Volts in match against Ireland at Lincoln.

Keep calm and drive on

3:01pm Red stripes appear on Auckland's roads, alarming locals. But what are they for?

NZ security clampdown

John Key Parliament tightens security in wake of shooting at Canada's parliament in Ottawa today.

Hager's legal battle with cops

Nicky Hager claims the police raid on his house was illegal and is taking legal action.

Kaitaia lodge owner bailed

'Excessive use of force'

Colin Thorne

90-year-old runner 'a plodder'

Colin Thorne has run 50 marathons, 94 half-marathons and trains five or six times a week.

Soldier powers up England rugby

Wing Semesa Rokoduguni has been called into the England squad ahead of the All Blacks test in November.

Indonesia on lookout for MH370

Indonesians warned too look out for wreckage from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

'Just another day at work'

Three days ago, Nathan Cirillo posted a photo of himself on social media smiling beside a fellow soldier.

Canadian PM condemns attacks

'Sad, sombre day'

Murder suspects retract confessions

Two Myanmar men accused of killing two British backpackers on a Thai holiday island have retracted their confessions.

Inflation under control

inflation Lower than expected inflation raises the possibility of rate rises being delayed. | Kiwi flies lower

BNZ boss's 5-point plan

Knee-jerk responses to foreign investment betray 'close-mindedness' at odds with NZ's image, Anthony Healy says.

Government seizes Korean trawler

Petrol, diesel prices drop

auckland property, houses, mortgage

Auckland rates sure to rise

Auckland's 29 per cent increase in property values has cemented a rate hike for many homeowners.

Surviving on student finances

cash in hand Your student years are a flash in the pan, writes Frank Wielemaker, here's how to survive them.

Minecraft money lessons

Turn a video game addiction into a life lesson about money.

Run with the herd at your peril

Beware the interest-only loan

Up high in Up Town

Rise and Dine Twelve Auckland diners will be suspended more than 2 metres up with nothing but stars and the SkyTower for light.

'World's best water' Nelson-made

Ancient subterranean water from beneath Nelson's mountains will soon be quenching thirsts around the world.

Wellpack workers' jobs to go

$500k for CloudCannon

Call for copper transparency

Tuanz encourages internet providers to pass on cuts to wholesale copper broadband pricing.

Replace passwords with Digits

A Twitter product for developers called Digits will let users log into apps with a phone number.

N4L in a thousand schools

Microsoft announces HaloFest

Harassment part of online life

New study finds men more likely to be called offensive names than women online.

7 celebs whose faces have changed

In light of Renee Zellweger face-gate, who else has faced a 180 in the looks department?

Ordinary vs extravagant

Ever wondered how the other half live? We've compared five everyday items with their luxury counterparts.

She must've known, right?

On being single at weddings

Obama was designer's Moby Dick

One of Oscar de le Renta’s biggest pet peeves was the continual public snubbing by first lady Michelle Obama.

Home is where the health is

As our uptake of fast foods and 'away from home' meals grows, so do our waistlines. It's time to get cooking again.

Peak of health? Not quite

'Female athletes tend to be very health and weight conscious,' and this can be hard on their bodies.

Should you skip breakfast?

Bootcamp end-goal in sight

12 natural dandruff remedies

Though filed away in that category of embarrassing beauty problems, dandruff is actually very common.

Why Kevin McCloud loves NZ

The much-loved host of Grand Designs arrives in New Zealand with some good news for local fans

6 award-winning interiors

Proof that New Zealander's can achieve great interior design, here are six award-winning spaces.

Did the Clooneys buy an island?

Inside Lady Gaga's new home

5 fashion fixes for your couch

It's now easy to keep pace with current trends in both fashion and home interiors.

Six new-age 'chocolates'

From tree bark taste to an exotic flavour voyage, Anisa Kazemi tries out six chocolates that taste like anything but.

A perfect spring lunch

This smart chicken salad has a great texture and makes an ideal lunch with its mix of quinoa, farro, rice and greens.

Cafe: 'We are not child friendly'

Move over cronuts

A tough conversion

Dairy cows South Otago couple who converted from sheep to dairy seeking an easier life soon encounter unforeseen problems.

Now the life-lists

Ben Allomes does not believe in bucket lists. Instead, he and wife Nicky have life-lists outlining everything they want to achieve.

Dairy farming in the sky

Early-gestation calves huge boost

Bloody Kiwi actors!

Shane Cortese New Zealand actors are up there with the best and we should be massively proud of the talent in this country.

Billy Bob on that blood vial

Billy Bob Thornton has opened up about his "crazy" marriage to Angelina Jolie.

From frock shop to knock shop

Nelson hatches sitcom plan

The Simpsons sued by 'mobster'

Hollywood is being entertained by an audacious lawsuit by a mobster-playing actor against the makers of The Simpsons.

A 'most epic' safety video

Safety is fantasy in Air New Zealand's Hobbit star-studded safety video, directed by Taika Waititi.

Traveller charged for bomb hoax

Reminder to airline passengers: A bomb is nothing to joke about.

Reversing a waterfall

The suitcase you can ride

Just shake it off

Long queues? Flight delays? Lost luggage? Just generally having a bad day?

Top creepy Santa comments

Santa Claus outside Whitcoulls, Queen Street, Auckland The decision to ditch Auckland's giant Santa created more division than who gets to lick the Xmas gravy pan.

A degree's fine if you get a job

Five years at university and a scholarship to teach, but three years later I still couldn't get a job.

Facing death sparked new life

Music makers don't get better

Notting Hill Carnival

Well, that was weird

What are the best, worst or downright bizarre moments you've experienced on your travels?

Take it easy plea

Traffic is backed up on the off ramp to the North Western Motorway in Auckland. Motorists are being urged to take it easy on the roads over Labour weekend, as thousands of New Zealanders hit the highways.

Holden hunts first owner

A nationwide search is under way for the very first Holden owner in New Zealand.

Electric-petrol Falcons clash

Petrol, diesel prices drop

Easy Rider's

Record price for fake?

Despite doubts over its authenticity, the last remaining Easy Rider chopper has sold for a reported world record price.

NRL attacked by Shark

Paul Gallen Paul Gallen fires up at the NRL following the sacking of Cronulla Sharks chief executive Steve Noyce.

Soldier powers up England

Meet Lance Corporal Samesa Rokoduguni. He's a strong, fast-running wing with the All Blacks in his sights.

Opportunity beckons for Beale

Parker eyes up New Yorker

Tim Southee

Southee ready to return for NZ

Fast bowler declares himself good to go for tomorrow's second ODI against South Africa - despite painful training hiccup.

Sinead heads to NZ

Sinead O'Connor about age, body consciousness and being a triangle.

Mick and Karen Williams with Tom, 11, Ollie, 9, and India, 5.

Teamwork a key to success

Award-winning farmers closely monitor their soil's needs to avoid harming the environment.

Less glare in iPad Air 2

As I tested out Apple's new iPad Air 2, I realised why people like to shoot pictures with a tablet.

The return of Sleater-Kinney

Sleater-Kinney is back to making the world a better place for every kid to play rock 'n' roll.

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Child, dishes

A generation without chores

Research shows parents are giving their kids fewer chores these days - are we setting them up to fail later in life?


The ultimate warrior

Miss A reminds me of the WWF wrestlers as she climbs up onto the corner of the couch and launches herself onto Miss K below.


When Barbie kills

Kerri Sackville shares how playing with Barbie took a hilariously scary turn for the worse.

teen sex manual

Teen sex manual 'too graphc'

A new book aimed at demystifying sex for teens featuring real life photos of teen couples has been deemed too much by some parents.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora on a budget

Need help planning a trip to Bora Bora? Email us at travel@stuff.co.nz.

Philippines Strap

How to budget a trip

Need help budgeting a holiday? Email us at travel@stuff.co.nz.

Rafting in action

Regulations target tourism industry

Every time a tourist stands on the edge of a cliff, steps into a harness or grabs a paddle they take a calculated risk.

Do you 'switch off' on holiday?

In an age of 'plugged in' travel, Kiwi's aren't actually that device dependent.


Dwarf stripper gets bride pregnant

Spanish bride-to-be confesses to cheating with a dwarf stripper on her hens night after she gave birth to a baby with dwarfism.

chimney rescue

Woman rescued from chimney

US firefighters have rescued a woman from a chimney after she became stuck while allegedly breaking into the home of a man she met online.

Adam Page

Weird beard makes magical music

Facial hair is not naturally regarded as an instrument, but for musician Adam Page his beard is the most natural instrument of all.

The spider of your nightmares

Here's something to keep you awake at night - imagine coming across an arachnid the size of a puppy. Piotr Naskrecki did just that.

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