September 20 2014, updated 11:50pm

John Key on re-election: "This is a victory for those who kept the faith." ... Read more
John Key

Live: National claims a victory for Kiwis

National leader John Key says his party's victory today is "fantastic for the country" and New Zealanders didn't want people interfering with their election, in reference to the Dirty Politics saga.
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'Victory for those who kept the faith'

JK "Three more years," an ecstatic John Key claims victory for National for a third term in Government.

National back, stronger than ever

Key OPINION: Historic. Epic. That is the only way to  describe National's victory tonight.

Harawira, Internet Mana cast aside

Hone Harawira Labour's Kelvin Davis' victory sends Hone Harawira and Internet Mana packing with win in Te Tai Tokerau.

Vote split 'damning indictment'

David Cunliffe David Cunliffe's West Auckland electorate backed National in the party vote - a trend seen across the city.

Woman rescued from river

Waikato River Police constable is being hailed for rescuing a woman who jumped off a bridge into the Waikato River.

Man allegedly burned himself

Police are investigating after a man allegedly set himself alight at a Tauranga petrol station.

Man hits neighbour with golf club

10 reasons to vote

Dylan Byers

When tantrums become a disorder

Dylan Byers has spent much of his short life screaming in rage at his family.

ACT Party central

Action from the Act Party central in Parnell.

Turkish hostages freed

Forty-nine hostages seized by Islamic State militants in northern Iraq have been freed.

Sierra Leone's 'punitive' Ebola curfew

It's "extraordinary measures for extraordinary times" as Sierra Leone imposes a curfew to stop virus.

Toddler's family thank searchers

Looters target Los Cabos

President witnesses ice melt

The president of Kiribati says visiting the melting Arctic has helped him appreciate the threat his islands face.

Haka's tourism strategy pays off

Haka Ryan Sanders is a driven entrepreneur who sought autonomy after a brush with the corporate world.

Businesses back BYOD

Bring your own device policies are increasingly common in SMEs as a way to lift productivity and meet staffs' growing technology expectations.

Port takeover highlights confusion

Swede risk creates planting dilemma

Hoki fishing

Taking hoki up a notch

Sealord is seeking to turn the domestically unpopular hoki into an everyday alternative to salmon. Come aboard its trawler.

Hungry days are ahead

Pamela Day Anti-poverty campaign Live Below the Line challenges people to feed themselves for just $2.25 a day.

Young voters neglected

Lower rent, cheaper food and less tax are top of young people's financial wishlist before tomorrow's election.

A million-dollar property plan

Bad news for buyers

Jyoti Morningstar: How I keep well

jyoti_strap The founder of yoga fashion brand We’ar stays healthy by doing yoga, swimming and surfing.

Get your brand on the racks

Having your product picked up by a department store is a big coup. So how do you get your brand in the door?

Entrepreneurs nervous about vote

Get up and running lean

iPhone 6 passes 'drop' test

He was the first owner of a new iPhone 6 in Perth. And the first to drop it - right outside the store.

GCSB clarifies 'Project Speargun'

Government Communications Security Bureau tightens its defence over claims of mass surveillance.

Shuttlerock opens US office

Microsoft lays off 2100 staff

Larry Ellison steps aside at Oracle

His 37 years at the helm of the business software maker were a colourful reign marked by flamboyant behaviour and outlandish wealth.

The story of a broken childhood

Carrie Bailee Carrie Bailee suffered horrific abuse as a child. Now she helps other survivors.

Love letters: a lost art

The story we write through love letters is a story of two souls intertwining in inky delight.

Stunted by Botox

Is Lara Bingle pregnant?

You can really get stuff done in a sensible pair of trousers.

16 tomboy style icons

These women aren't bossy, they're the bosses of tomboy style. Prepare to meet your muse ...

My treadmill desk left me cold

Treadmill desk I harbour a gnawing suspicion that treadmill desks are the wrong solution to an important problem: too much desk time.

My obsession with CrossFit

Grunting, followed by banshee yelping. Later: deep, satisfied exhaling. Welcome to The Box.

Eating for pleasure no more

Tackling our 'niggling jiggle'


10 ways to feel more positive

Is positivity innate or can it be learnt? An expert says practice these tips and you're halfway there.

Top 10 open homes this weekend

strap As the nation heads to the polls, maybe you would like to stop by a few of these homes on the way to vote?

Inside Kirsten Dunst's NY home

Kirsten Dunst is renting out her chic NY apartment and it could be all yours for just NZ$15,000 a month!

New varieties for spring

Life in a new subdivision


A block with style

What The Block lacks in drama, it certainly makes up for it with style over the last two seasons.

On choosing the right pans

pan Get your equipment right and you'll be a better cook. Here's where to start.

Gluten-free salmon pikelets

Sometimes you just need a little something under your salmon. Here's how to make that happen, gluten-free.

Neil Perry's choc hazelnut tart

Potato, sesame & salami salad

Money's not everything

NZ money, cash Surveys suggest farmers are not money hungry and lean more toward environmental stewardship than making big profits.

Swede risk creates planting dilemma

Farmers are receiving mixed signals about selling the HT swede variety, which has been linked to the illness and deaths of hundreds of cows.

GM on the agenda

Synlait focused on future

Art film oasis stands test of time

aro video Aro Video started with 180 VHS tapes in 1989 and it's still going strong.

NZ's answer to Girls

It's a bumper time for women in comedy. Kiwi web-series Flat3 joins Broad City and Girls on screens.

Love in its right place

Election madness


Lorde x Kanye?

He didn't bring his Yeezus tour here, but Kanye West might be teaming up with Lorde.

Treated like royalty

Leisa Tyler visits a 15th-century Montenegrin village that has been transformed into a resort.

NZ the best place for solo travel

Editors at travel magazine rate New Zealand the best country for solo, independent travelers.

Family holidays: Ten things dads want to do

Eight magnificent rivers to travel

A necessary retreat

I have always loved the bush that clads the hills above the Kapiti coastline.

Total abstinence too tough

Drinking beer I've completed a course in addiction, researched the issue and tried AA. Now I've accepted I'm an addict.

Independence: top comments

As the votes are counted in the Scottish referendum, debate over its possible independence is still buzzing.

And then this happened...

EPL fireworks ahead

Astro accident's a top seller

A night of astro shooting was ending in disappointment for Brendon Gilchrist, until he spotted a digger...

Like driving a double bed

1966 Chevrolet Pillarless Hardtop Caprice Verna Chambers' 1966 Chevrolet Pillarless Hardtop Caprice is part of the furniture.

Hottest WRX matures

The turbocharged Impreza, long the favourite of boy-racers the world over, appears to have matured into a more manly drive.

Found: Jag stolen in 1968

Texters targeted

Ginny and Pat Rickets

Inventor's climate change drive

Takaka inventor Albie Burgers' electric car can travel 50 kilometres and cost him $1.

Live stream: Breakers v Crocs

Corey Webster Join us for live streaming of the ANBL pre-season clash between the NZ Breakers and the Townsville Crocs.

Clinical UFC win for Hunt

New Zealand's Mark Hunt made another emphatic statement in the UFC, beating Roy Nelson.

Junior Warriors march on

Easy win for Auckland

Steve Hansen

All Blacks delayed, untroubled

The All Blacks were shrugging off the disruption of a cancelled flight out of Auckland today ahead of their Puma test.

Rintoul St

Wgtn rugby's spiritual home

For a century on winter Saturdays, rugby fans would stream down Rintoul St.

WWI records

Records reveal soldier's path

A suitcase filled with postcards and letters tells the the story of a young World War I soldier.


Love letters: a lost art

The story we write through love letters is a story of two souls intertwining in inky delight.

1966 Chevrolet Pillarless Hardtop Caprice

Like driving a double bed

Verna Chambers' 1966 Chevrolet Pillarless Hardtop Caprice is part of the furniture.

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