August 2 2014, updated 10:17am

Stefan Zeestraten

Crash robs unborn daughter of father

Dairy farmer was only three weeks away from becoming a dad when he died in a ute crash.

Mother was 'unlucky'

Court 9:00am The mother of a woman whose toddler drowned says all mothers have left kids alone in the bath and got away with it.

Overnight winds batter South

9:29am Gusts that battered South Island are easing, but Metservice expects severe gales in Wellington and Wairarapa today.

Gaza truce over

10:05am Renewed Israeli shelling kills more than 70 Palestinians and wounds some 220 others.

NZ runner unleashes after final

Jake Robertson fires up after Kiwis miss out on silverware in Glasgow. | Black Sticks lose

'We tortured some folks'

8:28am Obama admits US tortured al Qaeda detainees captured after September 11 attacks.

Kiwi 'brainwashed'

US Predator drone The friend of NZ man killed in an air strike in Yemen says his mate wanted to be an imam, not a terrorist.

33kg of junk mail

Love it or loathe it, want it or not - we are drowning in junk mail, according to a new survey.

Ministry recovers 13-year-old fine

Festering tensions

 Jamie Fergusson,

'I was a right little s...'

Jamie Fergusson misses being at school, but his former school probably doesn't miss him.

Obama admits torture

US President Barack Obama says 'We did some things that were contrary to our values' following the September 11 attacks.

Life on Planet Parliament

John Key National's second term in Government has seen highs, lows and controversy on both sides.

The current state of politics

If the election campaign falls as flat as this year’s adjournment debate, we could be in for a lacklustre seven weeks.

Blood on hands over balloon crash

Today in politics

MPs in Parliament

Tough to gird loins after long slog

We visited Planet Key, witnessed collective brain fade, and saw ministers, MPs and leaders come and go.

Ebola situation 'dire'

Ebola An Ebola outbreak that has killed more than 700 people in West Africa is moving faster than efforts to control the disease, WHO warns.

Sitting on a fortune

The outlook for a handful of tankers holding some $300 million worth of Kurdish oil is not looking good.

Smugglers' muddy footprints

Ukraine premier stays on

Manchester, New Hampshire

Christain escape death sentence

Woman sentenced to death over charges of apostasy in Sudan, now safe with family in US.

The dark side of adventure tourism

Helen and Bosco Peters An audit of adventure tourism operators is to be completed this year. So how safe is the industry now?

Ethnic SMEs offered advice

An advisory board designed to promote cultural diversity in the workplace and support small business will launch next week.

Delays not our fault, say builders

Simpson breaking barriers

trade me

Staff adopt slide time

Since Google opened its "Googleplex" headquarters, it's become obligatory for big tech companies to have quirky and colourful offices.

Kids' lunch trend explodes

Maisy lunchbox Parents who buy fancy school lunch gear say it's worth it as it lasts longer than disposable items.

Dream property now nightmare

Couple say their new apartment is uninhabitable thanks to internal pillars they weren't warned about.

Petrol 4c a litre too high: AA

Scam targets Auckland immigrants

Ethnic SMEs offered advice

Wenceslaus Anthony An advisory board designed to promote cultural diversity in the workplace and support small business will launch next week.

Designs on high performance

Two designers mix experience of outdoor equipment and high fashion to create a new brand of luggage and clothing.

Dentists offer free 100 fillings

Kelp is on the way

Machine serves up music mix

Eliot Slevin has created a site that generates playlists from any year you choose, all the way back to 1960.

Nasa reveals 2020 Mars rover

Successor to Curiosity to include a include a super-laser and stereo vision.

Hacktivists wage war on Kenya

Govts demand more Twitter data

PM denies spyware use

John Key flatly denies suggestions NZ installed controversial spyware to collect data from the Southern Cross cable.

Fitness boot camp for dogs

Dog Pups are more humanised than ever: they dress up, hang at cafes and now they even work out at doggy gyms.

Keep that phlegm to yourself

Patti Smith may have been keeper of the phlegm, but the rest of us should keep the spit to ourselves.

Kim K's makeup free selfie

Stretton to show in London


Unshaven armpit selfies

The selfies-for-empowerment technique spreads to China, where women are embracing their hairy pits.

You know you want it

Robin THicke Singer Robin Thicke and his estranged wife Paula Patton have put their Los Angeles pad up for sale.

Talking to your house

There’s not much that smartphones can’t do these days, apart from making you dinner. Or can they?

Property market slowing?

When a car came at our house

David Offer Fine Homes

Inside Reese Witherspoon's home

The star's five bedroom gated community mansion shows that being Legally Blonde pays off.

Women who love beer

Vanessa Martin Brewing beer has been a man's domain for decades, but women are surging back into the role.

Perk up your poultry

The simplicity of preparation for these Asian-inspired chicken dishes doesn't come at the expense of tastiness.

Jumbo a piece of cake

Pimp my meals on wheels

'Iconic slice of NZ' sold

Lochinver The Chinese firm that bought the Crafar farms has signed a conditional deal for another large block.

How much are our bees worth?

Bees are worth $5.1 billion to the New Zealand economy each year, but all is not well with them.

Fonterra director retires

US beef numbers crunched

'Get over it, you daft old goat'

Piers Morgan Former CNN prime time stars Larry King and Piers Morgan are not big fans of each other.

Pike River song enters chart

A tribute song for the 29 miners who lost their lives in Pike River disaster is the highest new entry on the Kiwi artists singles chart this week.

Barking mad? Music for dogs

The politics of TV


Golden girl Kimbra gets real

Only a Kiwi girl could find a sheep farm in the middle of Los Angeles.

Steeped in legend

Albania The Bay of Porto Palermo, its castle and its deep blue waters are one of the country's top attractions.

Air NZ quiet on 'drunk' claims

Claims that Honolulu crew were "trashed" and wouldn't have been able to fly even if plane was airworthy.

Global snapshots

'Too young to fly alone'

Tokyo Robot Restaurant

The robot and the Barbie doll

I have spent the evening hopping around Tokyo's weird and wacky theme bars.

Six rules for Super success

Israel Dagg There are six simple rules that make a competition, something that SANZAR and the NZRU have forgotten.

Living with pain for 16 years

I've been in pain since the age of 11, but I refuse to let it stop me living the life I desire.

Top five reader comments

Was breast best for you?

Jealous of the rain

Winter across the ditch is a different beast, but it's equally dangerous and delightful.

It's a keeper

The purchase of a rare Traveller has concluded Ian Rookes' Morris Minor collection. The purchase of a rare Traveller has concluded Ian Rookes' Morris Minor collection.

Flying axe lodges in dashboard

Secure your load or this could happen.

Lotus 7 dream comes true

Enjoyable round of Golf


Jaguar unleashes F-Type

An "intimidating" sports car was trailed by helicopter searchlights through Auckland streets last night.

McCaw's focus up-front

Richie McCaw Richie McCaw knows that slicing Waratahs' main artery is key to dimming the lights in their backline's stars eyes.

Squash duo on track for medal

Kiwi squash pairing shine out of limelight on a day in Glasgow where boxing took centre stage.

Golfer reportedly fails drug test

Black Sticks lose in agony

David Nyika

Golden gloves as Kiwis make finals

Kiwi heavyweight David Light will join David Nyika as a potential Commonwealth Games gold medallist.

George Bollinger

Cousins' war

Half-German, half-Irish New Zealander George Bollinger died for a country that didn't trust him.


Steeped in legend

The Bay of Porto Palermo, its castle and its deep blue waters are one of the country's top attractions.


Smugglers' muddy footprints

Ghanaian farmers are smuggling cocoa into the Ivory Coast. James' job is to stop them.

Ivon Standish

Veterans of three wars

More than 100 New Zealanders were involved in all three major international wars of the early 20th century.

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Child sleeping

The big boy bed

Milin's transition from cot to cot-bed isn't going well. Bedtime is now a battleground.

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What happens after toddler?

Your toddler is transitioning into the preschooler years, so what's next for you as a parent?

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'She wasn't at home'

Julia strapped her two-month-old daughter into her car seat and forgot about her.

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Baby's first dentist visit

Your child's first trip to the dentist should happen sooner rather than later.

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An inspiring place to visit

Bosnia has faced hardship and heartbreak, but the spirit of the nation will make anyone a big fan.

A pilgrim in Wellington

Kaushiki Roy has travelled far, but a walk up Mt Victoria is its own kind of pilgrimage.

Reptile surprise in curry

Chefs serve up a special take on the traditional chicken curry to workers on Fiji's Malolo island.


The simple life for us

Running an eco lodge in the Andes is a great family lifestyle.


A bit of gross on the side

Whether it was intentional, as a dare or a barf-making accident, tell us about the grossest thing you've eaten.

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Flying axe lodges in dashboard

Secure your load or this could happen.

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Rainbow-hued poo a problem

Normally in shades of brown, the droppings of a zoo's meerkats took on a colourful hue this week.


What was Veldette?

For decades a council believed a dog was buried in a human grave - only it was a horse.

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